Who We Are 

Jean Machine was founded in 1977 and has always been the destination for Canadians looking for the best of the brands. Jean Machine has always focused on the customer striving for the most complete and enjoyable shopping experience possible. Our employees go through an MD course so that they can be a "Master of Denim". Becoming a Master of Denim helps us create the Customer-Centric atmosphere where we will help you, no matter what age or body type, find the PERFECT pair of jeans that you will be comfortable in.

Today Jean Machine has 35 locations across Ontario in all the top shopping malls. We are proud to live by our vision:

 "To be the first choice for high quality jeans and casual fashion in every market we serve."

Beginning in 2011, Jean Machine launched their Personal Shopper program. Customers can now schedule a 1-on-1 appointment with our top MDs for advice, tips, consultation. Available in-store or over the phone this free service comes with many perks and comes commitment-free of any obligations to buy.


Meet the Team

Online Support Team


Alex A.

Ecommerce Coordinator


Alex started working at Jean Machine in 1998 as a part-timer in Square One Mall. After completing 2 years as a Floor Leader in Yorkdale Mall, Alex joined the Jean Machine Ecommerce team in 2011. His vast knowledge of denim and superior customer service helps him continue his passion to this day - helping customers find their Perfect Pair of jeans. Alex insists on answering customer support calls so don't be surprised if he answers if you call in with any questions.



Lori M.

Product Coordinator


Lori started working at Jean Machine in 2007 at one of our store locations. Lori quickly built a following as she had a talent for helping customers find jeans that would fit properly and feel comfortable too. Lori joined the Jean Machine E-commerce team in 2012. Her mission is to get our entire catalogue of product online and provide a good description so that when you place an order you can do so with confidence.




Julia P.

Order Fulfillment


Julia joined Jean Machine in 2012 as the Warehouse Manager. Julia oversees the order fulfillment and strives to achieve a same day shipping if an order is placed before 2pm.